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5 Reasons Why Exercise Should be a Priority After Losing a Job

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Losing a job can be a tough pill to swallow. A number of things might be on your mind as you work to get back on your feet, but one thing you’ll likely forget to consider is your own physical health. Believe it or not, regular exercise should be one of your most important to-dos between scanning the job boards. We’ll take you through the top five benefits of staying fit while you search for your next job.

Increase Productivity

One of the best things you can do after finding yourself unemployed is to stay productive. You’ll want to scour through job listings, reach out to employers, widen your existing skill set, etc. Studies have shown that working out consistently can boost productivity in employees versus sedentary habits like sitting at a desk. Staying in shape can also keep your brain sharp. The increased blood and oxygen flow to the area promote healthy brain function to keep you thinking on your toes.

Improve Your Mood

Keeping a great attitude while being jobless is an especially tough task. Luckily, breaking a sweat can also serve as a solid mood booster.  Remember the health effects on the brain that we mentioned earlier? Well, levels of dopamine and serotonin typically rise in the hours after an exercise routine. These neurotransmitters, produced naturally by the body, are famous for promoting feelings of happiness. Having a brighter outlook will no doubt benefit you in your bounce back from losing work. You’ll feel more motivated in your job search and brighter in your interviews.

On the lighter side

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Boost Your Energy Levels

You might be feeling exhausted after running that last mile but exercising at regular intervals can work to greatly increase your energy levels in the long run (pun intended). And you’ll need it, because finding a new dream gig will take plenty of work. Hitting the gym for as little as 6 weeks has been shown to decrease fatigue levels. And while it may be obvious that exercise will lead to more sleep, you should know that it can promote better-quality deep sleep as well. This will have you waking up feeling refreshed with more than enough energy to take on the day.

Connect with Other Professionals

Ever hear the phrase, “It’s all about who you know”? Annoying clichés aside, there’s some truth to that statement. Job opportunities often present themselves through connections you make with people across various industries. Gyms, workout classes, and even online exercise forums can put you in contact with new professionals who are also passionate about fitness and its benefits towards their careers. While you chat it up between sets, a new gym partner could point you towards that new job you’ve been seeking.

Keep Your Health (and Waistline) in Check

You were probably already guessing that your health would make the list, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important. After all, those who exercise can see great benefits like weight loss, a strengthened musculoskeletal system, and decreased risk for diseases like diabetes. Plus, when you land that job interview, it’ll help you be prepared in more ways than one. In addition to your growing productivity and energetic mood, you’ll look better than ever. Not only will you look lively to your potential employers, you’ll feel it too. Projecting that kind of confidence from head to toe can be the difference between getting a rejection letter and getting the job.

So, get out there and get fit! Exercising has a wealth of benefits across your entire life and especially in times like this. Turn that newfound extra time into a positive chance to grow as a person and professional.

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