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Prioritizing Inclusion: Recognizing and Countering Ageism in the Workplace

Valuing diversity, equity, and inclusion has become an essential norm for many employers, serving as fundamental components of their employee and customer value propositions. However, the issue of ageism, particularly its impact on older workers, often doesn’t receive adequate attention within DEI discussions, even though it can greatly affect a company’s overall performance and success. Despite anti-age discrimination laws, ageism silently persists in numerous workplaces.

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State Employment and Unemployment Summary-July 21, 2023

Unemployment rates were lower in June in 11 states and stable in 39 states and the District of Columbia, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Twenty-two states had jobless rate decreases from a year earlier, 8 states and the District had increases, and 20 states had little change. The national unemployment rate, 3.6 percent, changed little over the month and was the same as in June 2022.

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State of Workplace Jargon Report 2023

Professionals feel jargon is being used too much in the workplace with the youngest generations feeling this way the most. 60% of Gen Z and 65% of millennials want to reduce or eliminate the use of workplace jargon, compared to 50% of Gen X and 23% of baby boomers.

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Why everybody’s hiring but nobody’s getting hired

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says there are 8.4 million potential workers who are unemployed, but it also says there are a record 10.9 million jobs open The rate at which unemployed people are getting jobs is lower than it was pre-pandemic, and it’s taking longer to hire people. Meanwhile, job seekers say employers are unresponsive.

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An Extrovert’s Guide to Remote Work

Because of COVID-19 many of us are now in a position where we’re working full-time remote for the first time ever. As someone who thrives on human interaction in an office setting, working at home alone has been challenging to say the least.

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